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You are baby sitting for some English friends.

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Następna praca: Plan wydarzeń przedstawionych w "Konradzie Wallenrodzie".

Treść: If it is the only way to make you sleep I will tell you a tale about a dancing princess.
Once upon a time there lived a king with a very beautiful daughter. There lived in a big castle. The king had a big problem. His daughter spoilt her boots. Everyday she needed another pair of boots. The king promised that if someone found the reason of the spoilt boots he would get a permission to marry the princes. Unfortunately nobody could find it. The worst thing was that the king sentenced losers and he sent them to underground cellars and kept them under arrest.
One day a young handsome man came to the castle. He started to follow the princess. At night she ran by secret passageways and ran away from the castle to a big forest. There she was dancing all night with elves and nymphs. This time the young man joined them and started to dance with the princess. They were dancing and fell in love with each other. When the sun started to rise the princess quickly ran back to the castle. Unfortunately the doors of the secret passages were locked. The young man caught her and took her to the king. The king forgave the princess because he liked dancing too.
He organised a big wedding for the princess and the young man.

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