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Year 1984 written by George Orwell.

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Treść: Orwell’s „Year 1984” was the first book of this author that I have read and it impressed me very much. This book was firstly about to be published as “The Last Man in Europe” and till then noone knows exactly why did the author switched the title. The final version after many corrections displays us the tragedy of an individual in imaginated country, very similar to lively existing Soviet Union. It shows how does a soul-less socialism not even tails off but totally destroys the personality of a human being. Orwell was ending up his story when he was deadly ill, regardless we can not take it as a avengy prophety of dying person. “Year 1984” is a sadly satirical and full of hope reminder of things that might happen. Orwell didn’t exactly prescribed the future, but he showed his point of view on the things he was taking as the most awful and horrible for the human kind.The novel has a wide spectrum of affection. For many times the critics have said that the book “itself prevented its own prophety of becoming truth”.
Eric Arthur Blair commonly known as George Orwell was born in 1903 in Bengal where his father was a Royal Colonial Officer. Eric was attending an exclusive Eton college, but he wasn’t getting on well with the school environment He was applying for the university scholarship however he didn’t succeed. At first he was working as the Imperial India Police officer, then he was a teacher and a journalist. In his youth, as he said that he was an anarchist, but in 30’s he became a critical socialism follower. He hated capitalism and he was a pacifist,
but first of all he was a writer and for the major of his life he was the problem, how to stay faithful to humanistic, reformative political ideas without loosing his creative idependence. I thing the quote I will present here is a very good explanation for the changes that orwell has to experience:
“If you would have to choose between the Russia and the USA what would you chhose? We’re not strong enough to maintain on our own and if we will not be able to form a union between west-european countries, we are going to be forced to adjust our policy to one of the Great Powers.
And we all know that against to the trend that’s “in” right now, we should choose USA.”
Orwell didn’t really became an American policy follower. He was, for his entire life strongly against of using the A-bombs, he was saying: “Whether we drop it or it destroys us”. He dropped everything to fight against Franco during the Spanish house war, where he was injured and he had his firdt contact with socialistical methods, which he used in his another novel “Animal Farm”.
The “Year 1984” was probably inspired by the book “We” written by a russian writer Jewgienij Zamiatin. Orwell for sure did not copied Zamiatins ideas but he also didn’t crossed the borders maden by them, as the critics say.
He took the russian way of showing the issue of sexuality in a country of human-robots, but he made it almost colourless and extremely flat.
One of the main points of the book is when O’Brien explains to Wilson what is the real meaning of authority :
“ The Party wants power only for power. We don’t care about the human kind welfare, we care only about the power. I’ll explain to you what does a pure authority mean. Nazis in Germany and comunists in Russia were using methods close to ours, but they have never been enough brave to say openly about the impulses thay are following. Authority is not the mean on the the way to the purpose, authority is the purpose. The purpose of persecutions are the persecutions.”.
If the world or at least part of this world begun to be afraid of this sort of sentences that’s mainly because of the Orwells works. And it is still a little bit strange that Orwells books are very common in the countries that use to take some advantages and share ideas from those books.

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