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Write a story ending with the words: "I have never see him again". (2)

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Treść: 1984 r.
26 July
Dear diary!
It's my first day in this incredible place. All around I hear singing birds, roaring trees, and of course barking of my lovely dog - Phillip. Wild nature - I love it. It's hard to believe that I managed to persuade my parents this long-expected trip. These green trees, beautifully colourful flowers, and strange animals, which I have never seen in my grey and boring town. But now, when we are here - in Flipland I only want to rest, forget about my health problems, school and whole my scabby life. I am so sleepy that I must end this part, but I look forward on tomorrow and next few days, because I know it will be the best days of my life.
27 July
I got up very restful and short after that I took my doggy for a walk to the lakeside. I wanted to visit the vicinity, meet some people, in the whole just to look around. But we (me and Philip) had a little accident in the wood. Actually it was not really, an accident but I got frighten when I realised that my pet has disappeared. I had tears in my eyes when after five minutes of my calling him he came to me, but(!) not alone...
He found himself a very sexy ladyJ. Just behind this bitchy stood her owner - very young blond-haired boy - Tom. The dogs were so enjoying being together that we appointed for tomorrow morning. After this exhausting expedition my only dream was to go to bed, but now I've been lying in it for three hours and I still cannot sleep. I have the view of murdered dog in front of my eyes, which I saw in the newspaper. They write that he was brutally killed by some psychopathic guy. Brrr...
28 July
As I wrote yesterday I was to be on the beach in the morning, and so I did. We were sitting whole morning and even part of the afternoon on the platform, but when it was about the noon we left the dogs on the platform and went to buy some food for our pets and us to the opposite side of the lake.. I was no great distance in the straight line, but we had to go for long time to get there. I wouldn't have done that if I had known what would happen. First I heard a dreadful squeal. We (me and Tom) ran to see where did it come from. What we saw was a tall, well-built man, who wore a black jacket and had an axe in his right hand. The blade of the axe was covered with blood and little drops of this red liquid were falling at the cut tail of the whining bitch. In addition this maniac kicked using all his power and made her fall into the water. My dog - Phillip wanted to help her. I wanted also, but the long belt of water was cutting me from my lovely dog. All I could do was to yell. When Phillip saw his lover in the water he jumped there to help her to get out from the lake. He managed to push her on the wooden log, but his paw stuck up between the seaweed. I was watching him struggling for survival. But tears couldn't help him, he drownL.
27 July
It's been ten years since my dog died. Someone can say that it's plenty of time, but I can't forget about my best friend. I still remember him disappearing under the surface of water, although I have never seen him again.

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