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Would you like to be millinaire

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Treść: Everybody, from time to time wishes they were a millionaire. This is why lotteries are so popular. But what can one to do with all that money?
If I were a millionaire, say by winning a lottery, for example, the first thing I would buy, would be a brand new grand piano or a beautiful brown antique one, which tells a story just by looking at it and makes you feel like you’re living in a different time. But actually, since I would be a millionaire I would buy both: one for the living room and one for the bedroom. Why not! After I got that out of my system I would share my wealth with my closest family and friends. What I’ve always wanted to do is to ask them what their greatest wish would be and make it come true. That, I would really enjoy.
Even though I would continue to work because I enjoy it, I would probably take some time off, and then, travel. I would definitely want to visit France and take a tour of Poland and see as many beautiful and interesting places as possible. Other places, which I would like to visit, would be Spain, Portugal, Sweden, England and actually all of Europe. Alaska and Hawaii would be on top of the list as well.
Next, I would probably buy a car, nothing fancy or expensive and find an apartment or a house, near riur, lake, or airport. I enjoy such views tremendously. Although I would probably get tired of the airport noise, I would never get tired of watching planes as they take off or land. It is really a beautiful sight to see, even better than flying by them sometimes.
The rest of the money I would invest and give some to various charities, maybe create one of my own. Since I wouldn’t need to work so much, I would spend more time volunteering and helping others in need, whether it would be financial, emotional or otherwise. Another thing, which I’ve always wanted to do, is to reward those who send them on a well-deserved vacation or something like that.
That is what I would do if I were a millionaire. I think. I just hope I wouldn’t spend all the money at once; knowing myself, I thing its possible!

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