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What kind of life can a child born in the year 2050 expect?

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Treść: How will a child feel when he opens his eyes in this year?
I think life will be very different then.
To my mind, changes will be both for the better and the worse. By the year 2050 pollution level in cities will have decreased, because scientists will have invented environmentaly friendly cars, working on sun energy. In my view people will be living longer as scientists will have found cures for many diseases. Many people believe, taht space travels will have improved, so we will be going on holidays to other planets, for example to Mars. In my opinion, we will be doing more creative jobs, which will be also better paid. We will be working at home with computers. Robots will be doing the most boring jobs, which means, that people will be free to use their creative abilities. They will also be doing more home acitivities, so we will have more time to spend with our family and friends. However, the development of technology and economy will also have some negative results. First, there won’t have been more rainforests by the year 2050 because we will have cut them all down. As a result – there will be fewer wild animals, as they will have lost their natural shelter. Second, if computers will be doing more jobs there won’t be enough work for people. The unempolyment and the crime rate will be increasing. We also feel lonely if we work at home. We will be having fewer friends. Many people believe, that we will be living in cities under the sea or underground, because present cities will have become too crowded to live in.
In conclusion, whatever the future brings, I believe that children’s lives will certainly be very different in the year 2050.

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