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What is the price of the fame?

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Następna praca: Człowiek współczesny wobec ideałów i wzorców średniowiecza.

Treść: Many people dream of being famous.They imagine a luxurious lifestyle with no worries or problems.But is being famous so easy?Firstly,famous people are usually very rich.They don't have to worry about paying bills,they can afford designer clothes and drive fast car.Secondly when you are famous everyone knows you.You are invited to the best parties and meet other famous people.In addition,it's good to have fans.They send you letters to tell you how much they admire you.These are all positive things.However,there are some disadvantages.On the one hand,it's nice to be recognised in the street.But on the other hand it could be annoying if people always ask you for your autograph.And sometimes fans can be too enthusiastic.They may send letters every week,try to phone the star or even follow them.As a results stars can only go to certain places,and they often need a bodyquard.For teenagers being famous is especially difficult.Young sports stars often feel under pressure to win every match.Furthermore many can not cope with the media attention.They feel uncomfortable when their private life is discussed in the newspapers.
Moreover they spend free time in magnificent places,eat fabulous food,drink fancy liquor.They live in huge villas with swimmingpool. Famous people not only have fans but they also have opponents.Enemies spread gossip,false accusation about them.Famous people have a little time for their family,children who are also endlessly observed....

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