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United Kingdom – The Stereotypes

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Treść: There are many stereotypes of United Kingdom and many national characteristics that British are believed to have. Some of them are bad, some of them are good and not all of them are true.
The main image of the typical British men is a tea-drinker. Of course the tea must be consumed in a appropriate time – the best will be famous five o’clock. Another stereotype is a huge traditional, English breakfast with a lot of toasts covered often with things. Things, that are even hardly to imagine on a toast for non-British. This idea connects to another – British cuisine & coking traditions are thought to be tasteless and are difficult to accept by foreigners. The main dish is “Fish & Chips”. This fact is commonly known…
There is also a stereotype of a stiff and conservative British gentleman who speaks with a strange and funny traditional accent. British call it Received Pronunciation and think it’s very distinguished, but it is not. It’s rather funny. But only for us – Englishman have their very specific sense of humour, presented commonly in British movies and TV series (like: “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”, “Mister Bean”, “Black Viper”). This is also a stereotype even though it’s true…
British youth is known for ‘clubbing’ – traditional walking to the clubs, pubs and discos in the weekend evening. This can, of course, be observed also in other countries (even in Poland…) but in Great Britain it is, as I wrote before, a kind of tradition. British youth leads their life full of pleasure and entertainment.
All in all, British are not so bad as many people think. Most of them are very friendly and talkative. Maybe also pedantic, but it does not matter in the wider look.

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