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Treść: Hello everyone
Have is your favourite program “ Fairy tells “. Today we are standing in front of the cinema where there is the first presentation of the best film for children “ the Lion King “. We are waiting for the end of the film, because we would like to ask children what they think about this film.
Oh. We can see the children coming out of cinema. Let’s come nearer .
-Hello what’s your name ?
-My name is Mary.
-What can you tell us about this film. What did you like the best.
-I like Simba the most . Because he was so brave . He lost his father. He blamed himself for his father’s death but he fighted Skaza.
-Thank you very much. Here we have the gift for you. The book “ the Lion King “
-Oh. Wonderful. Thank you.
-We can see more children. We will ask them. Hello. Your name is ...
-Did you cry When Mufasa died.
-No , I am boy. Boys don’t cry. Ask my sister Kate. She cried a lot.
-Hi , Kate. Is it true?
-Yes. Sometimes the film was very sad.
-But I see you are happy now. Because everything ended happily. Please, take this tape with the film’s music. You will like this. Where are your parents?
-Hmmm. Where are they? Oh I see them they are waiting for us by the main entrance.
-Let’s go to them. Good afternoon. We are from the radio “ Fairy tells “. Would you tell us about this film.
-Good afternoon. With pleasure. As you see our children are delighted, so are we. This film was not only for children. It told about friendship, love, hate and lies.
-In Africa the small lion Simba the son of king of the Jungle was born. Everyone was happy exept his uncle Skaza...
-because he killed Muffasa .
-He fought that after Mufasa’s death he will become the king. Meanwhile Simba grew and grew. His best friend was Nala. Once they ran away and went to the elephants’ cemetery. There Simba and Nala were attacked by hyenas. Suddenly the old Lion King appeared. He fighted hyenas.
- Mam I want popcorn.
-Yes of course , excuse but I must go with my daughter
-Finally he died while saving his son. Simba was accused by his uncle for his father’s death. It was a lie. Simba was too afraid to come back so met new friends: Timon and Pumba. Simba was growing up far from his mother. But he become brave and honest lion. After long time he met his old friend Nala.
-Can I talk something ?
-Yes of course
-Finally he came back to the place where he was born because the monkey Rafiki convinced him that he is not guilty for Mufasa’s death. When Simba found out that his uncle killed his father he went out of mind and killed him. This story is really wonderful. It tells that good always wins.
-Thank you that you would like to tells us about this history.
-Listen people now haw they talk about this film
-Hello , Hello . Suzy ? Oh hi I call to you from cinema . What did I watch ? I watch Lion King . This story was very boring but we must talk about bissnez . Ok. .. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . Buy
-Sorry we listen your conversation and we would like why do you thing that.
-Because I differently look for world that children
-Thank you very much .
And we know how look adult and children for this film .
From radio Ferry Tells speak Marta

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