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The ideal school (3)

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Treść: The ideal school is every student’s dream. In that school students should feel relaxed and go to it with pleasure. So in the ideal school nice and understanding teachers teach.

The classrooms’ decorations are students’ ideas. They have painted the classrooms; paintings illustrate scenes connected with certain subject. For example: in the classroom where history is thaught on the walls there are some historical scenes. Classes are big enough for students and teachers.

Students oughtn’t to come to school sleepy. They have to be relaxed and in a good mood. Lessons start at 8.30 and end at 2 o’clock.
In the begining there is some science, after that, they have practical lessons. Students also have P.E every day. They train only the sport which they have chosen, so they don’t have to train gymnastics if they chose for example tennis.

The lesson lasts 45 minutes, and breaks last 5 minutes. Breaks shouldn’t be longer because students want to learn as the lessons are interesting and funny. Lessons aren’t tiring they are informal. Teachers are relaxed, sociable and nice. They always help students with their problems. Teachers give them some homework, it is difficult because students are thaught how to think and solve problems only by themselves without teachers’ help. But the duty of the teacher is to check this homework and explain it next day.

The ideal school is safe because cameras are installed to control the rules are obeyed by students during breaks. Otherwise they will be punished, because cameras will see that.

In the ideal school outdoors lessons are organised. It’s connected with practical lessons, but these lessons are organised only when it is warm. Furthermore there are lots of trips to fascinating museums or great places. Also students can go to the cinema with the teacher, there are parties for special occasions for example: the end of the school year.

It is a pleasure going to that school. The lessons aren’t boring, teachers are relaxed, a lot of trips are organised, the classrooms are beautifully painted, and every topic is clear because the teacher has explained everything.

Isn’t it the ideal school?


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