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The house of my dreams (2)

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Treść: I would like to live in the country in a small city. My home will by very big and beautiful castle. House be located in the forest, behind house will be big garden. On the front of my house I will by see mountains. It will be made of stone. Castle will by from medieval age.
In the house of my dream there will by twenty bedrooms, five bathrooms, one large living room and big kitchen. I would like to have cellar full of old wine. My room will by biggest of the house. Garage mast by big because I wont to have many old and expensive car. House will be spacious and will have a lot of free place.
On the roof I would like to have heliport. Opposites of my hose I will have indoor swimming pool with slide-water. In the house will be Jacuzzi, solarium and sauna. Sauna will be made of wood. On the roof of swimming pool a would like to have solar panels witch produce electricity. Near castle will by wonderful small waterfall and lake.
I would like to live in my castle because I mast have big free place. If I have a lot of rooms I will invited my friends on the holiday. I hope that I will live in a house like the one I have described.

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