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The worst holiday in my life.

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Treść: Just after I finished elementary school three years ago, my Mum and I decided to go somewhere a long distance from noise and clamour of the big city. We did not want to stay in hotel but we did not want to camp too. That is why we asked my Mum’s best friend and her daughter if they had any idea and if they want to go with us. They agreed and proposed to go to the little cottage in Piwniczna.
When we arrived there, we saw a delightful landscape. It was small but charming village with a little stream. The cottage was unusual. It looked like a magnificent, old castle. We came closer and immediately knocked at the door. The man who opened welcomed us warmly and invited inside. It looked as incredible as outside, so we were determined to stay there.
We hired two double rooms. Afterwards we unpacked our luggage and we had a rest. After some time we went for a walk. It was a lovely place with peaceful atmosphere. We were walking long hours and felt magnificent. We did not notice when it got dark, so we had to go back to the cottage. On arrival home, we ate modest supper. We fell asleep incredibly fast because we were tired. Just after midnight, something was tapping somewhere, so we woke up. We heard strange sounds everywhere. “What was that?” we asked the house-owner in the morning. “Oh… they were only ghosts!” he said and laughed at our faces. We desperately packed our clothes and left his property. Although the residence was beautiful this holiday was the worst in my life.

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