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Treść: Dear Members!
Perhaps you don’t know me. I am a member of international club in my town.have been asked to guide you through new club’s offer, which is to take place next month. It is called the Fun Run. I will give you some training tips and suggestions about it.
First of all, we invite you to join gym sessions. Students are warmly welcomed at Bodifit, where they pay reduced rates! Apart from gym they are offered full range of classes including aerobics, steps, slides, steam room and sunbeds. If you come as an organised group of 10 people, you will get a 30% discount at YMCA City. Gym activities start at 11 AM.
For swimmers, I would greatly recommend swimming nights at the central pool, which take place at 8 PM. Wonderful experience!
Moreover, before you jump into warm water of the central pool, you are invited to do jogging in the central park! We start at 4 PM, so don’t be late!
Other facilities worth recommending are aromatherapy and osteopathy. Just visit Body Maintanance. Their special offer includes a visit to the next door restaurant for „Alternative Night Out” – steam bath with aromatheraphy oils and vegeterian meal!
But what should you do if you are still undecided? We already thought about everything for you! We would like to arrange a supper patry the evening before the Run. All participants and undecided are invited to the restaurant, which will spice up their lives: Spice of Life. Vegetarian meals and non-sugar beverages will be served.
Secondly, here are some additional advices that I would like to give to you. Have a lot of sleep before the Run. It will be a great piece of fun but also psychical effort. And don’t eat fatty food before. Additionally, please take swimming suit, jogging shoes and some sport clothes. That’s all you need. Beverages and snacks between the activities will be server by restaurant from YMCA City Gym.
You mustn’t miss the Fun Run! It’s the one of the kind. Just come and see for yourself!
Your guide for the Fun Run

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