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The question of culture

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Treść: A question a culture.
Poland is a country which lies in Europe. Our neighbours are: German, Russia, Czech. But there are many, many countries on the world. And in these countries are other traditions and customs.
In my country in Poland people aren't too happy and friendly. This is my opinion. We don't say "hello" in shops and on the street. We don't smile and we are very busy and sad. Even if we buy new car, if we win something, we always will say: I have got horrible life.We work very hard and in the evening we sit in front of television and than we sleep. Teenagers in Poland aren't interested in anything and they usually are tired of school. But instead of our bad habits we have got good once .
It is normal for men to kiss women on her hand. It's very polite, but I know, that some boys and men don't like it. But this is very formal way to greet. When men and women know each other and they love each other than they kiss in the lips themselves. It is sign of hot love.
Usually when we meet our friend we say "hello". It is normal for men to shake hands, I think that sometimes it shows that we like that person. Very often handshake is sign of concord. But sometimes when we don't like someone we clasp hand very hard and than it is sign of hatred.
In family we kiss for example mother in bothchecks or embrace her. When we see someone older, than we bow and say " good morning". It's very polite and it shows that we have got to someone respect. But I know that in Poland very often we forget about it.
If I had a gold fish I would like to go to Canada to Inuit. When they greet they rub noses. It's very funny and I like it. I can't live in Polynesia because I don't like when someone strokes my face. There it is very polite. When you meet a friend you take his or hers hand and you use it to stroke your face. I think that face it is very sensitive part of body and even friends shouldn't touch it.
A second place where I can live is Tibet. Why? Because there I might stick my tongue out at someone. And it is very polite. It shows that you have no evil thoughts.

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