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The person whom I know well.

Poprzednia praca: "To co naprawdę się liczy, to odnależć swoje powołanie" Czy Nick Jarow ma rację? - Rozprawka.prawdziwość tezy potwierdż na 2 postaciach(mogą być literackie).
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Treść: I have known Agnieszka since my first day at kindergarten, when we were only three. I can remember her half hiding behind her mother and biting her nails. And only five minutes later we were playing adn chatting, forgeting about our parrents.
Agnieszka is tall, thin girl. She has got a round face with almond-shaped eyes and small nouse. She wears her long curly hair loose. Agnieszka prefers comfortable clothes and often can be seen wearing a blue jumper, a pair of denim jeans and trainings.
Although Agnieszka is quite shy she is very helpful. She is also optimistic person, who always sees the positive side of even the most difficult situation. Moreover she always lends hand when I have a lot of work to do. She is very modest, she never talks about her achievements and things that she has bought. Furthermore Agnieszka is very intelligent and has a sense of humour.
One of her favourite hobbies is reading books. She also enjoys going to the parties and to the gym. In addition she spents a lot of time playing with her little sister, becouse she loves children.
Agnieszka would like to be a guide in the future, that’s why she started to study this kind of specialty on University in Kielce. There is never enough for her to talk about other countries and their history, about ways that people leave, behave and spend time.She also enjoys visiting old castles and museums, she is learning about legends and misteries being connected in this place. Agnieszka was very happy when she found a job year ago in the museum. She can conduct the trip, improve her skills and what’s the most important she does what she loves.
Over ten years, I have shared many good times with Agnieszka. I like her with her virtues and defect becouse nobody is perfect. I feel fortunate to met her.

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