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The most unjust war the U.S. has ever fought ?

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Treść: The war United States with Mexico was fought w XIX century. Between 1846-1848.

In my opinion the war of 1846 was the most unjust war of XIX century USA fought. Mexico was a poor country. She had a large debt. 4 millions dollars she owned to USA. She was a bankrupt. The government was near collapse. This and another deciding factors prompted Americans to take the opportunity and to still some Mexican’s territory. The poor and thin populated region was Texas. Texas was from the beginning a colony of Spain then become part of Mexico. In 1821 Connecticut born, land speculator from St. Luis, Moses Austin, secured permission to settle 300 American families in Texas. The Texas attracted large American population. In 1830 in Texas lived about 20 thousand Americans. The American people brought slaves, even though the slavery was forbidden in Mexico since 1829. The Mexican government was scared of the large and growing American population. The Mexican government imposed a ban on the further immigration of Americans.

The Americans in Texas took no notice of government rulings and continued to practice the slavery and organize the army. A lot of people continued to came to Texas. This people wonted to seize independence for Texas and next to obtain annexation by USA. In 1834, Mexican leader, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, wonted strong central government to limite Texas autonomy. He created new constitution. The Texas refused to sign his new constitution. The battle started. As a result of this conflict the Texas wan independence on April 21,1836 in battle near Rio San Jacinto. Mexico refused to recognize independent Texas. She argued that she signed a treaty under compulsion. Texas from the start wanted to join United States. April 12, 1844 American senate did not ratified annexation. Senate recognized that the Texas was a Mexican territory. The Senate also feared of losing balance between slaved and free states.

But new American President of United States, James Knox Polk wanted to expand US territory. When senate did not agree for annexation it agreed for the Walker Compromise. Senate acceptance for Walker Compromise 27 to 26 votes. This compromise said that president would decide if Texas annexation was only issue between United States and Texas or if Mexico should be involved in negotiations. Somehow the question if annexation should take place at all was lost in the political process of manipulation.
Polk wonted to annex California, New Mexico and Texas to United States despite all political opposition. His interest in Texas at the beginning was not great. When the Texas wont the independence Polk’s interest quickly grew. In November 1845 he send to Mexico US envoy, John Slidell, with an offer of negotiations. Slidell proposed 5 millions dollars for the Texas and 25 millions dollars for the California.

Mexico officials refused to meet with Slidell because they considered selling Texas as dishonorable. They thought that Mexico should loose her dignity.

In January 1846 Polk got information about Slidell’s failure. He sent General Zachary Taylor to occupy territory near the Rio Grande and protect the frontier. This territory belonged to Mexico. Taylor was therefore to wait for the attack rather then have the beginning of the war blamed on USA.

The fighting broke out between Taylor’s troops and Mexican soldiers in May 1846. Polk only waited for this. Then he quickly sent note to congress. In that note he declared that: ”Mexico has invaded our territory and shed American blood upon the American soil” In my opinion this information was untrue because this territory was Mexican. In addition the Mexican army was provoked by the presence of US troops on their soil. Polk smartly manipulated congress. Congress permitted Polk to organize the army. Polk quickly organized the army of 5 thousand soldiers, mostly volunteers.
By fast steam press and magnetic telegraph quick dissemination of information also allowed manipulation of American public opinion. Most considered Mexican war for just and US soldiers the heroes. Society thought that this war was for freedom. Rush of volunteers was amazing.

The poor and vulnerable Mexico didn’t have chances with young and dynamic neighbor. In my opinion the Mexico was condemned to defeat.

Mexican’s army didn’t have a good general. The army was a badly organized and equipped. The United States had better equipment, well trained generals, bigger reserve of soldiers and the America has supremacy on the sea because Mexico didn’t have any fleet. United States could provide oneself with equipment from Europe and transport troops to the another side of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Mexican war was the first war in which the American president was commander in chief of the armed forces.

The summer 1846 Taylor won the battle for Santa Anna with a poor Mexican army. Taylor became national hero. Mexico fought to the end. When Taylor’s army crossed the Rio Grande Mexico didn’t surrender.

The president Polk decided to attack Mexico capital. The one of the best generals, Scott, after the few doggedness battles, entered Mexico City.

Scott’s success was the last stage of the Mexican war.

Polk appointed a Nicholas P. Trist to propose the same circumstances of surrender as Slidel before the war. Mexico did not want to negotiate with Trist.
Polk recalled the Trist. President was irritated because the Mexico lingered, He decided not to pay for the territory where Americans lived anyway. Trist didn’t obeyed orders and he continued negotiations.

In February 2, 1848 Trist and Mexico concluded the tractate. The tractate spoke that the Mexico gave New Mexico, Texas and California to US and recognize the Rio Grande as border. The United States paid 15 millions dollars and cancelled Mexican’s debt.

Polk decided to accept that late tractate.
During Mexican war the weak and poor country fought against the strong country. The Mexico had very little chance to win this war. I think that the war was the dishonest politic game.

Polk considerably increased the United States territory. He added half-millions square miles area to the United Sates territory. This was a great accomplishment. The truth remains that to achieve his goal Polk manipulated senate and congress as well as public opinion using rapid dissemination of distorted .

The war deprived life about 13 thousand people and cost about 100 millions dollars. It was thought just and heroic. As in many conflicts in the future the truth become known with delay or never. Unfortunately “the history is always written by a side that won”.

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