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Superstitions (2)

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Treść: Superstitions
In my essay I would like to present some superstitions from different periods of life on Earth.
In ancient Egipt people believed that after deaf there is a different life. When Pharaoh died all his survants were killed and buried with him, so they could serve him in his next life. He ‘took’ with him also lot of every-day use things and his fortune: gold, jewely, vases and of course a warning for those who would want to rob him.
In Middle Ages people believed that crushed diamonds were an universal medicine for every disease, but the best remedy for madness was making a hole in the patient’s skull. Having a wart ment being a witch. In some places people believed that deaf looks like a black dog holding in it’s paw a sword and crushing decorations with it on altars.
During Renaissance in Poland came into existence a lot of superstitions. For example nightmares in the shape of cats strangled sleeping. People killed by those nigthmares were probably suffering from some disease. Other demons were ilustrated as impersonal powers causing different kinds of pain. To cure a patient a medicine-man adopted magic and used herbs. If someone had jaundice ha had to eat fried eggs with louses.
In present days superstitions are still topical. I will give some examples of love superstitions. You should first add sugar than milk to coffee overwise you’ll have problems in love. The bridge must have something blue, new, old and borrowed from a happily married woman to a wedding. A day before the wedding she must put her shoes on a window-still to assure good weather on the ceremony.
Superstitions exist from the begining of mankind and I think they will last long after our times.

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