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Speeding toward disaster

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Treść: Illegal street racing are very popular not only in the USA but also in our country. Why young people get into a car and speed down the road? It?s the challenge, it is speed, adrenaline rush. Although their finish very often are tradic, the last few years have seen a steady increase in illegal srteet racin in the USA. For every 1000 young people who partcipate in htis high-risk behavior, a staggering 5,2%- 52 people- will be killed or seriously injured. And the risks associatedt with street racing heve the potential to harm many more then just those directly involved in the racing itself.
Movies and video games that glamorize fast cars also contribute to the ?need for speed? among young drivers. Also websites and cell phone now alow racing aficionados to organize and widely publicize events. It is not unusual for dozens or even hundreds of individuals to show up to watch a race, cheering on their favourite racer, encouraging them to go faster and taken even greater risks.In San Diego police credits a three ? pronged approach aggresive law enforcement, tough courts, and safe alternative. Also San Diego?s police have found it much more effective to use undercover officers to surreptitiously film and the races at illegal street events. They capture the racers faces and license plates on film and then put together arrest warrants. Then they put them into a potential jail term of six months and fine of $1000. For those who are caught racing or who are involved in a accident are put trial for second degree murder after their street race led to deaths. Police tactics, new laws and tough courts have worked together to make the streets much less hospitable for illegal street racers, but the ?need for speed ? persists, so San Diegos?s task force decided to work with community organizations to offer a safe alternative. They organise races in the parking lot of local football stadium every Friday and Saturday night. Barriers are provided to keep the crowd safe. I think it is very good idea, though it doesn?t end the street racing but it helps to reduce fatalities.

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