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My summer holidays Barcelona.

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I think that my summer holidays were really great, because I met many new friends who I really like. Therefore I can say that the past summer holidays were one of the best in my life.
My summer holidays began on the 21st of July. On that day I was very happy because my teacher gave my a price with ceritificate. I had a long and hard school year. So when I came home I turned on the TV. All the time I was waiting for the camp to Spain. On 19th of July I went to the bus and I started the camp. In the first day evening we stopped the bus in the Czech – Republic. There we had supper and we went to our beds. We played cards and ran to different rooms when the teacher didn’t see us. I fell asleep at about eleven o’clock. In the second day all the time we were travelling. We had just a short break in Austria. Most of people there spoke German. We did small shopping. Then we came back to the bus. In next thay we were visiting Venezia. I was very suprissed that the Italian people could speak Polish. Venezia is a beautiful city. I was very exciting when I was swimming by water train. Then we went to the church. That church was being built during 30 years. In the evening the teacher gave to us a little free time. During this time I was admiring the saint Poul square. There were many birds. I bought the special food and I fed the birds. About twelve p.m. we continued our trip. This night we spent in the bus. Next they we came to Spain. I said “at last”. I took the key to new room. I shared this room with my two friends Maciek and Piotrek. We were very tired and we unpacked our begs and we went to the beds. In the morning the weather was cool. We went to the market. I didn’t hear what the teacher said . One of my collegues wanted to buy a swim glasses. We walked on the different streets and we found that. We wonted to came back but we didn’t know where we were. Hopefuly there were many signs and we hit to the hotel without any problems. The apartament was very exclussive. It had swimming pool. We were using it every day. Then we had a dinner. The food was really good. Next day we spent on the beach. That I saw the Mediterranean Sea. The water was wonderful. The teacher said us that we have to go to Barcelone. At first we was admiring the nou camp stadium. I saw the museum of FC Barcelone. When we went out I saw my idol Patrick Kluivert. But I didn’t get his autograph. In the evening we went to the central place of Barcelone. There I saw the wonderful fountine show. I took a lot of photos this place. In the mornig we came back to the hotel. I didn’t want to come back to Poland but I had to. During way back we made a long break in Cannes. This is famous city. The prices of palms are granting there. In the evening we visited Monte Carlo. There were many expanciev cars. I wanted to go to casino but I couldn’t do that because I’m not 21 years old. That was the last place which I saw during my camp. We were in Grajewo about twelve p.m. I was very tired and when I came home I went to bed. Next week I spent in Grajewo. In the morning next day I went to the garden and I spent much free time with my family. After the camp I thought that I would lose my new friends, because friendships from camps are said to be very weak. But to my surprise I was wrong , because I used to meet with my new friends almost every day. Two weeks after the end of the Spanish Camp we went to the seaside and I had a great time there. This is how my holidays have looked like. I’m still meeting with my friends from the camp and now I’m looking forward to the next meeting which will be this Friday.
sorka , tak tekst sie wkleil z worda, jezeli ktos chce ten format - mail. (wkleilo sie bez akapity, nalezy je samemu wstawic)...

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