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Letter about Cracow.

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Treść: Katowice, 24th October’03
Dear Jim
Thank you for your letter. You asked me about the places worth to visit in Poland. There are a lot of beautiful places which attracts tourists all the year round in my country. I think you should visit one of the most famous cities in Poland – Cracow. I’m enclosing some postcard and photos. Aren’t they impressive? I’m also sending you a guide book, translated into English.
You can travel to Cracow by bus or by train from Katowice. In my opinion you should take the train because it’s much quicker, more comfortable and also cheaper (if you are a student) than a bus. The railway station is near the centre of the city so it’s really easy to get there. The best thing to do would be to stay there for at least two or tree days. You can find the addresses of the hotels and Youth hostels easily in the guide book.
In my opinion Cracow’s main tourist attractions are Wawel Castle and Mariacki Church. If you are o history lover you will enjoy visiting them. Cracow has plenty to offer those who are interested in art and literature. You can admire paintings in the museums and also on the streets. If you are lucky you will see street’s spectacular displays performed by the actors.
Cracow offers to the visitors a lot of snack bars, coffee bars, restaurants in which you can rest your feet and enjoy the atmosphere.
If you prefer to get away from the Cracow you should go there on weekdays, because at the weekends a lot of people visit the city and it’s really difficult to get the tickets to enter the museums.
Autumn in Poland is quire cold. Sometimes it’s wet and windy so you should bring some warm clothes and umbrella.
I hope this helps. I’m looking forward to meeting you.
Best wishes

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