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Keeping up with fashion

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Treść: Nowadays keeping up with fashion become more than necessity, it become obligatory. What is name being fashion and different than others means to be “cool”. Originally fashion was connected with quality clothes of famous brands, but during the time point of view has changed and now we can add to this couple extra things such as: technology, sport, even particular type of music and many others.
There are many advantages keeping up with fashion. First of all being fashion makes us “cool” what means that everyone wants to be us and behave like we are. Due to that all friends like us and they listen us because everything what we say is the best. And what can be better than having big influence on our environment.
Secondly, owing new technology gadgets such as MP3 player or the newest mobile phone makes that everyone put attention to us. What make that we not feeling strange even more we feel better than others because of having this gadgets which are not accessible to everyone.
Another thing which keep us fashion is music. It makes that we belong to the particular group of people who listen the same music and represent the same style as we. Furthermore it makes that we have good mood and we feel respected by others.
On the other hand there are many disadvantages keeping up with fashion. One point of view against is that, we have to have enough money for expensive clothes and all other new things which also are not cheap.
Another reason is that we may become addicted to this and we may do not notice what happens around us. We become self-centered and other people may start turn out from us, so as a result we stay alone.
Finally keeping up with fashion means that you have to stay all the time on the same wave. It means that you can not be fashion for a couple days, so all the time you have to check new trends and that also is not an easy thing to do.
In conclusion, I think that keeping up with fashion is good for people who have a lot of money and who wants to boast about thing which they have. Of course we can be fashion but we have to know that is not easy thing to do and remember that keeping up with fashion not always means to follow new trends.

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