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Poland is a quite big country in central Europe. The capital of Poland is Warsaw and the official language is polish. In Poland there are many customs, which are characteristic for this country. People who visit Poland should remember about them all, or at least know a few of these typical behaviours.
It is very important to remember how to welcome people you meet, Sometimes the way you behave in this kind of situation may decide about your reputation.
That is why you have to know that:
With people you don?t know:
- nothing
- or handshake (when a man meets a woman, she must shake his hand first, if she doesn?t, the man shouldn?t do this first).
Male to female friends:
- a kiss in hand (very formal custom)
- one kiss on cheek
- or nothing
- in some situations is can be also a handshake
Male to male friends:
- handshake
- or nothing
Woman to female friends:
- one kiss on cheek
- or nothing
With family or good friends:
- three kisses on both cheeks
- or handshake
? When you meet someone you know on the street, you should nod your head or just smile at him.
? When a man, who meets a woman, is wearing a hat, he should take it off with his right hand and nod his head.
? Another specific gesture is kissing women in hand (a very old tradition).
? A man who is greeting a woman, shouldn?t cover his face with his hand.
? You should also pay attention on how do you shake somebody?s hand, it should be strong bou not too tough,
When you are visiting someone you know you should take off your shoes and if you don?t want to do that, you should ask the person you are visiting for permission. This habit doesn?t obligate when you are on a formal visit or on a party. Another important thing is to remember obout the order of greeting people:
1. First of all, women welcome theirselves.
2. Than women welcome men.
3. Finally, men can greet themselves,
What is more, the ?welcoming ceremony? should begin after the guests take off their clothes. When you are organising a party, you shouldn?t invite guests to sit up to the table until everyone who is invited arrives.
When you want to go for example to the bathroom, you should always ask the householder for permission.
As you can see, Poland has got very specific customs and traditions. Most of them are connected with history of this country. But nowadays they are not so strictly observed as formerly. And polish people don?t take them so seriously anymore.

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