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How you imagine typical englishman - Jak sobie wyobrażasz typowego Anglika?

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Treść: This is John. He is a typical Englishman. He wears a bowler hat, Shetland pullovers and carries a briefcase, an umbrella and a copy of `The Times`. His moustache looks curiously on his face. He is imperialistic and nostalgic.
His wife - Mary - has a "peaches and cream" complexion and she is an "English Rose". Their children go to public school like Eton. In the evening they seat near fireplace and head of the family tells about British history. They live in a thatched cottage, which is very old, in the south of England. On the walls are hanged foxs` pelts as a trophies. He spends a lot of time in his home in front on TV and moving the grass and growing flowers or vegetables in the garden because his possesion is his castle.
He eats bacon and eggs, roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. He likes Scottish whisky and no matter what he does at 5 o`clock he always drinks tea.
Normally John moves in the city by his Ford, but he does not like going on excursions to another countries, by his car, because he has a little problem with driving on the right hand side on the street.
On Saturday morning John traditionally does the shopping for the whole week to come. He usually goes to local supermarkets or drives to shopping complexes outside the town where he is able to buy products cheaper and at one place.
In his free time he plays cricket, rugby or croquet on the lawn. In the late afternoon he usually goes to the cinema, vistit friends or spends some leisure hours in a club. He loves animals, particularly dogs and horses. John likes discovering the picturque countysides and walking small parts of long-distance footpaths which cross Britain. The countryside with its green fields, low hills, rivers and small forests is an ideal place for a Sunday excursion.
He stands in queues but HE IS THE BEST ON THE WORLD.

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