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How can you come out of your shell? – How can we overcome shyness? Discuss.

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Treść: Shyness is a big obstacle in aim aspirations. Shy people are usually living the way of life that assumes that if they aren't standing in anybodys way and they aren't putting anybodys attention on themselves, then they won't get any trouble. Nevertheless it is known that to reach something nowadays you have to be: determined, ambitious, you have to make friends easily.
First of all the way of "coming out of your shell" lays in the shy person, not mainly in the way. She has to conquer her fears, try to attend meetings and go to places, where lots of people spend their free time, like: discos, trips etc. Shy people should also go to different kind of classes on which they will learn how to co-operate with other people.
There are also some disciplines that can mold a character, like karate or other self-defence courses. Thanks to that people become more self-confident, they feel powerful.
Some people feel secured by their families and they don't need to overcome themselves. That’s why this people should start a life without any support. This will make them a little more brave and courageous.
If this problem becomes bothering in some cases, then this person should see a doctor.
I think that shyness is rather a bad feature and it should be gotten read of.
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