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Generation gap (2)

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Treść: Generation gap is a very common phenomenon in our life. It’s something that has always arisen and will arise between children and their parents.
There are many reasons for generation gap. Young, growing up people want to be more independent but adults prohibit them doing many things: they don’t let them go out late, wear the clothes they like, they give too little money and make their children learn. These things are very often causes of quarrels between adults and the young. Young don’t want to be still under control - adults make choices for them, solve their problems, buy clothes and force political opinions to upon them. Another thing is that sometimes teenagers can’t choose a career path themselves - they have to do what their parents want, because they have money and pay for them. As a result teenagers fight for their rights and sometimes escape for home or drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, take drugs. This is the way to demonstrate their rebellion.
Besides, many conflicts in our families are the results of lack of co-operating between parents and children. They often ignore and don’t talk each other and don’t share their problems. Adults don’t help their children and devote too little time to them because they have their own matters, they are so tired of them - then the young feel unuseful and neglected.
Although parents try to understand their children, they often do it in a wrong way. Parents can’t talk to their son or daughter, because they frequently forget, that they also were young and made many mistakes. They punish their children for being late or bad notes and then the young isolate themselves from parents. Instead of punishing, adults should talk with teenagers, have serious discussions, explain to them why they are not allowed to do some things. They ought to be friends for their children.
In my opinion parents should limit their children’s freedom, because most teenagers are not resourceful enough to decide for themselves. It is a normal thing that without my parents, their permissions, prohibitions and advice my life would be hard. But sometimes parents aren’t right - then we should talk to them, explain what they do wrong and what they ought to change. I think we have to understand adults and try to avoid quarrels with them - it is a good way to get rid of many unpleasant situations.

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