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Area: 551,5 tys. km²
Capital: Paris
Population: 58 735 thousand people
Thickness of populations: 106 persons per km2
Main cities: Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Lille, Bordeaux, Tuluza, Nice, Nantes, Tulon, Strasburg, Grenoble, Rouen.
Languages: French (official) and German
Religions: Catholicism: 76%, Islam: 4%, Protestantism, Judaism ethnic
Warehouse: Frenchmen 83%, Arabs 3%, Italians 2%, Portuguese, Spaniard, Jews
France is parliamentary republic. On head of state stands president Jacques Chirac. Lionel Jospin is Prime Minister of French government.
France is often visited through foreign tourists. It arrives annually there about 70-80 millions tourists, most from Germans, Great Britain, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Italian, Spain, United States. Country this offers varied forms of spending of time very. Many tourists it visits historical French centers, first of all - Paris, Lyon, Strasburg, Nice, Cannes, Bordeaux. Summer millions visitors rest on French coasts - especially on Azure Blue Coast above Inland Eiffel Tower↑ and Liguria Sea in Nice, Cannes, St Tropez, Antibes,
on south-west coast above Biskajską Gulf as well as
on north-west coasts not far a way from Paris of Normandy and different cultural of Celtic Brittany. Interest grows up on rest on coasts of Corsica. Lovers of winter sports have possibility to rest in prepared Alps centers perfectly (first of all Olympic Chamonix and Albertville) as well as in Pyrenees. Renaissance castles are pleased with great popularity of sightseers in Loary Valley.

French kitchen belong to most well-known and tastiest in Europe. France is famous from cheese. Produced he is from milk of cows, goats and sheep. They are main regions of production of cheese: Owernia, Normandy, Burgundy and Central Massif. Famous French species of cheese this: creamy fromage blanc, cantal, roquefort, brie and camembert. Baguettes are popular bread as well as consumed onto breakfast crescent rolls croissant. Frenchmen are famous aftermath from in world as consumers so unusual products how frogs (leg) and snails. Burgundy is famous with “Escargots” and “Quenelles” (raviolis with fish or calf meat) as well as “Gougére” (cake with cheese). In Savoy consumes itself “Raclette” (fried on grill Swiss cheese with potatoes and cucumbers). On Azure Blue Coast is eaten fish soup and dish from fruits of sea e.g. salad from octopus. Bretończycy eat shellfishes. In France everybody drink to meals wine, practically red, pink or white accord from meal. Almost every region has one's guilty delicacies. Well-known poduct of France is champagne, most - produced in Champagne - fizzy wine. In region Lyon produces itself famous burgundy, meanwhile neighborhoods Bordeaux are famous from red wine about this myself name. In Normandy strong cider drinks – “Calvados”, in neighboring Brittany - also apple “Cider”. Cognacs and brandy please large popularity. Frenchmen consume considerable quantities of beer also. Coffee, drunk often depression tea, it is very strong, sweet and in tiny cups.

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