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Following the time

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Treść: The time of scientific research, hi-tech developement, fascinating begining of the 21st century and the great progress done untill now.The features have just mentioned describe humanity that brough us closer to perfection.
Can you imagine what would happen if there were no people in the past whose main aim was a global achivement. Ability to made the most of scientific research's results let us ,present people , to use all this technical nowelties which changed world for better.
Artificial producion of energy , telepathical comunication, Concords in front of average family hause. So unpredictable was all that in the past that we should appreciate what we have got. Scientifically, If such exstensive knowledge was available 100 years ago who knows what would happen, maybe ..., that is the only word which comes to mind.
Past...,the time of beeing calm , there was a time for reflection and pasion. Presence of temptations was giving one more life option-succumbing to them
On the other hand ,world wars took place and it was not generally believed that human existance was in the highest level of importance. In my point of view it is inexplicable that people used to kill each other so that they could grew rich.
My life is revolutionary changed. In my humanity there is no crime , no concern, life is easier but much more intensive and unfortunately , the main aim in life is to be succeeded.
If somobody asked me ' What are your feelings about lifestyle nowadays and then in 21st century ', I suppose I would admit with an enormous hesitation ' I have no idea '. But after a longer while I would reply tactfully that those two warlds differ a lot and they shouldn't be compared

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Czytano: 4046 , autor: Michalk88 , Ocena: 60.05

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