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Fatty?! – Are you kidding?!

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Treść: Nowadays having a perfect figure, keeping fit and being healthy has become a dream of all of us. If you are tired of eating only vegetables, jogging every day or spending money on useless treatments, if you can’t stand all these skinny models and singers you see every day on TV, this is something especially for you. The diet invented by doctors which can help your dream come true!
During the diet you can feel a little hungry or cross. However, when you see the results, you will not regret anything. It’s worth trying.
Day 1
Breakfasthalf grapefruit
(263 calories)a slice of toasted bread with thinly spread butter
Lunch60 g of canned tuna fish
(191 calories)slice of toasted bread
Dinner95 g of chicken filet
(353 calories)120 g simmered French beans
120 g simmered beetroots
a small apple
120 g vanilla ice
Day 2
Breakfasthalf banana
(261 calories) a hard-boiled egg
Lunch5 crackers
(170 calories)120 g skimmed cottage cheese

Dinner1,5 cooked frankfurter
(256 calories)120 g simmered broccoli
60 g cooked carrots
half banana
60 g vanilla ice
Day 3
Breakfasta small apple
(304 calories)5 crackers
100 g light cheese
Luncha slice of toasted bread
(193 calories)a hard-boiled egg
Dinner60 g of canned tuna fish
(248 calories)120 g simmered beetroots
120 g simmered cauliflower
half melon
60 g vanilla ice
When you go on this diet you have to remember not to change or add anything! Only salt, pepper, tea and coffee (but without sugar or milk!) can be used unlimitedly.
After three days of diet, you eat for four days whatever you want. Of course you should cut on sweets and fattening food. Moreover the diet will be even more effective if you take up swimming or other sports.
After the break you go on with the diet: this menu again. It is possible to loose even 18 kilos per month! I lost 10 and I felt just free feeling and looking good and not thinking about myself as a fatty!
You can control your results by checking regularly your body mass index:
BMI=Weight (kg)
[Height (m)]2
Appropriate weight18,5 - 24,9
Fat30 – 39,9
Very fat40 and more

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