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Do we really need the TV commercials?

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Treść: Are commercials really needed? How would it like to watch a TV channel with no commercials and finally, do they convince us?
Many of us are getting mad while their best serial or movie is being interrupt by commercials. They would probably will to watch each day a non-commercial TV channel. Could we imagine such a thing? Most of us - not.
In the stage of first TV events, ‘commercials’ weren’t really commercial. In 1949 the U.S. Department of commerce confirms TV's selling power when it reports in May: “Television’s combination of moving pictures, sound and immediacy produces an impact that extends television as an advertising medium into the realm of personal sales solicitation”. And here it had begun. One of the first TV commercials was featuring beavers beating on tom-toms. As we see till now many things have changed.
Each of us is affected. We are watching TV daily or deal with it in some way. They, the commercial producers, do know how to take aim into our minds. But in reality it is our own will to watch TV.
Unfortunately, no one would like to be subconscious directed to buy this concrete product or another one, but as aforesaid, it is. Luckily, we can defend. Not by putting off our TV sets, but simply while buying the advertised product, recall to commercial and don’t buy it. On the other hand the concept of ‘commercial TV’ wouldn’t exist without commercials. It is strictly connected with the economy of the channel and why shouldn’t the advertising companies have the ability to advertise their product? At last we decide.
Looking forward, there will be more and more commercials. The time of viewing it will increase. So, if you don’t want to watch the ‘commercial-break’ during your favourite program, movie, etc. why don’t make a break for a cup of coffee and get rest your eyes?
Commercials were, are, and will be. We can’t avoid it. Do we really need them? Answer it by your own.

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