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Do I like giving or taking pices of advice?

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Do I like giving or taking pices of advice?
Maybe it is a little a bit of narcissism but I think that I am a good advisor. My father is a good counsellor so maybe just because I have taken this gift after him. In my family I am edlest from my siblings and they always come to me for a hint. My sister is at the age of 17 and she has got a lot of problems so I always give her the best possible solution. I coudn?t have even imagined problems girls at her age may have got. For me, her issues are ridiculous but I don?t tell her that and I try to take them seriously. Now I know that her mind is slightly open but I see that it is going to change soon. Her biggest problems concern: ?What should I wear for the party? What should I do tell my boyfriend? Will you lend me some money?? or ?Should I make up with Kasia? I never shove away her I always reach her out from her problems. She is grateful for my help although it's just a drop in the ocean of my needs. Sometimes I also help my brother but he is only one year younger and he knows what he should do. His problems are more serious and when I want to help him I have to think about them very precisely. I also give pices of advice to my girlfriend. When I know that she has a problem I know that she need me and I like the felling. My ?sweetheart? has got a lot of issues so I help her all the time and we always find the best way out. I am her ?ray of hope?.
Now you know what problem I have to solve. It may be thought that I don?t have problems but you are wrong I sometimes need advice and then I go to my father or girlfriend. The only think I am sure of is that when somebody needs help i am always there. Furthermore, I feel extremly satisfied when I am able to solve somebody?s problem.

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