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Dialog - hotel

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Treść: Marcin
Good morning.
Good morning. Do you have any vacancies?
Yes. How Can I help you?
I’d like a single room with twine beds, a bath and a shower.
Okay, we can offer you such a room.
I’d also like a room at the back.
Sorry, we have only room at the front. All room at the back are no vacancies. Would you like room overlooking the sea or the lake.
The lake one please. I’d like to have a room with a balcony. And it must be quiet.
Of course. All rooms in our hotel are quiet.
Is there hot water, air conditioning, room service …
Yes of course. And also you have heating, a landry service, a radio a television in your room.
OK, you have fantastic rooms. What’s the price per week?
70 £, sir.
Is breakfast inclued?
Sir, our hotel is very good. Breakfast, dinner and super are included.
And may I see the room?
Ok, come on. I’ll show you your room.
Fine. I’ll take it.
Great. Would you mind filling in this registration form, please?
Yes, one minute. My name, home town, street, number, nationality, occupation, date and place of birth, passport number, date and signature.
May I see your passport please?
Of, course. Here you are. What’s my room number?
13. And this is your key.
Will you have our luggage sent up?
Of course. Porter, porter. Take this luggage.
Where can I park my car?
In a hotel garage. The garage is situated in the undergrund of our hotel.
Will you wake me up at 7 o’clock, please?
Yes. No problem. Breakfasts are at 9 o’clock, so maybe we’ll bring breakfast to your room?
All right. What’s the prize for this breakfast?
Only 1£. When will maid visit your room?
I don’t know. 9 o’clock is great time. I’ll go to the city after breakfast. May I have an extra pillow and blanket?
Yes, no problem. I can get you also some ice cubes, some soap, some note paper, an ashtray, a towel, more hangers.
Thank you. Where is hairdresser’s?
At the back of the street.
Can you find me a typewriter?
Yes. Can I find secretary for you?
No, thanks.
Good morning.
Good morning sir. How can I help you?
Can you get me 654-32-12 in Warsaw?
No problem, sir.
Are there any messages for me?
No. But someone asked for you?
I don’t know. One minute I’ll check. It was Osama bin Laden.
Oh, my best friend. What did he say?
Oh, I heard that you are going to home.
Yes. How much I going to pay for your hotel.
It’s 70£. Do you want to pay by cash or check?
OK. But the air conditioning didn’t work propely.
But we repaired it.
Yes you repaired it, but yesterday. And the heating didn’t work.
Sorry but all rooms in our hotels didn’t have heating . Terrorist put the bomb in the hotel.
And what about radio and televison set. You said that I would use it in the room.
And you could.
But it didn’t work.
Yes but it was 100 years. We don’t lie. You had televison set and radio in your room, but it didn’t work.
Okay. There wasn’t hot water.
Because you didn’t pay for hot water.
But you said that for hot water I must pay.
But you didn’t asked.
And in my room the tap was dripping, the washbasin was blocked the, window was jammed, the curtain was stuck, the bulb was burned out.
Man, why don’t you said this 7 days ago. If you said I’ll get you new room.
OK, but also the plug, lamp, switch, blind and shutter was broken.
Now give me money, becouse I must go home.
It’s been a very enjoyable stay.
I know. Good bye.
Good bye.


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