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Treść: Grace is one of my best friends. She is also my ideal partner. We first met when we were at a primary school, and we have been friends ever since. At present she goes to a secondary school, just like me.
Most people would say that she is very attractive. I think they are right. She is not very tall, I`d rather say she is of medium height. She has a good figure, is slender and always keeps up appearances. She is in her early twenties. Frankly speaking, she is exactly eighteen years old. Grace is a very pretty, thin-faced and rosy-cheeked girl. Her complexion is rather tanned. Her face is oval. Grace`s hair is wavy, shoulder-length and dark. Her eyes are almond-shaped and blue. Her eyelashes are long and black. Her nose is straight, small and a little bit snub. Grace has full cherry lips and wide mouth. There is a small brown mole on the right side of her face, just above the upper lip.
Because Grace is a very slim and shapely girl, she looks good in almost everything. During the week when she is at school she usually wears jeans and an old green denim jacket or a baggy red jumper and a pair of white shoes, but when she goes out with me at the weekend she likes bright stylish clothes.

She is great fun to be with because her sense of humour is wonderful. However, she is also very sensitive and always has time to listen if you have a problem.
Besides, Grace is ambitious, outstanding, imaginative and cheerful.
We have always been friends, and I am sure that if she gets married or moves away, we will still be close friends and will see each other regularly.

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