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Children on the net: yes or no?

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Treść: The Internet is one of the most important invention in history. Millions of people from all over the world use it every day. The internet offers thousands of information from every life domain. However, children must always think about its bad effects.
Using the Internet offers many adventages. For example, internauts say, that the net is a part of our world, so children need to use it, too. In this way children learn about other countries and cultures. They can learn about their habits, language and how they spend their free time. Children can also see beautiful pictures of people and landscapes. They also can develop personal interests, hobbies and meet people from all over the world. They click of chat room or GG, register their nickname and join the chat group. Children can communicate with people from the other countries, even when they are thousands of kilometers away. Finally, they can make friends in different places. If they have a microphone, they also can talk with their friends. E-mail messages are a popular way of communication for people in schools or between friends.
On the other hand, the Internet has several disadvantages. Firstly, many children use it for playing games, not for learning. They sit before a computer screen and play games a few hours. It can cause headaches, backaches or spoil their sight. What is more, some web sites are not suitable for children, for example sites about sex. Chidlren shouldn’t connect with these sites, but sometimes this isn’t possible because they are included in other sietes.
In conclusion the Internet has both good and bad points. Parents should explain both of them to their children. When they are not sure, what the children use the net for, they can install a program, which selects the information, which children are not allowed to watch. Children should surf the Internet with extra care.

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