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Animals in danger - wolves

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Once feared and hated, today the Gray Wolf is a beloved symbol of the wilderness. In spite of all the stories, there have only been three recorded instances of wolves attacking humans in North America, and none of the attacks were deadly. However, wolves hunt in packs and can kill cattle as well as deer, Caribou, and Moose.
They’re usually gray, but color varies from white to black.
Grey wolves habitats are Northern forests and tundra.
The Red Wolf is an endangered species. By 1980, this wolf had completely disappeared from its natural range in the U.S., killed off mainly by humans. In the early 1970s, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service trapped a number of Red Wolves from the wild and began breeding them on a few islands off North Carolina, thereby saving the animal from extinction. The number of Red Wolves is constantly changing, but recent counts indicate that there are at least 250 animals.
They’re smaller southern wolf. Reddish-brown to gray. Red wolves usually live in pairs that form temporary packs.
Side effects of our demeanour will be catastrophic. We pollute environment and kill lot of animals for show. That’s inhumane and very cruel. What for we’re doing this? That’s not right way. We must stop this and start new age for our planet, animals and nature. Results, when we not change something, will be indivertible. People will die animals will bend. Whether we want this? Surely not!

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