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Adventages and disadventages of having a twin sister.

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Treść: Did you ever dreamed of having a twin sister? Although it might seem funny, looking like another person, especially like your sister, can be very tiring.
On the positive side, you are never bored because you have a companion. As a children you can play together, then as a teenagers you play tricks on boys making them totaly mad and confused because of your similarity. What’s more, it’s worth to make use of resemblance at school when teacher asks you something you have no idea about (maybe the twin sister knows the answer?). Further more, twins usually have similar figures, so there is no problem in borrowing clothes from sister. You can exchange your clothing when you’re going on a disco or something and in such way save money which you can later spent for something else.
On the other hand, having twin sister isn’t as wonderful as it could seem. First of all, mother buys twins the same clothes what can easily drive them crazy. Everything in their life is identical down to the dolls they play with. Secondly, parents treat twins as one and encourage their dependance on each other.
The further disadventage is fact that they rival for parents love, friends, boyfriends, toys and everything what’s possible. It can be very tiring for them and make them mad. Also looking the same can be nerve-racking because I think that nobody would like to live with the picture of himself.
To sum up, having a twin sister or brother can be both fantastic and irritating and it depends on parents and twins behaviour.


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