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Advantages and Disadvantages of Watching TV

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Treść: From my point of view , television exemplifies unlimited source of various news and knowledge showing aspects of our lives .
As many people know , we can divide watching TV to situations when it is useful and helpful for us and unfortunately harmful . I will start from good points.I can only say , that I usually derive beficial information from this kind of mass media . Some programmes really deserve our attention . The good point of TV is constant expansion ot possibilites of watching TV . Within a space of year digital TV has appeared . It brought more interactive functions , so we are capable of interefering in action (for instance , maybe in a future we will be able to move a camera in the movie), doesn’t it sound good ? Now you do not have to be a passive viewer – at last . Of course , only in a specific dimension , now . It is clear that we have to pay for these extra options , but it should not be a hindrance.We ought not to forget that TV has an extraordinary level . For example : If you dream of journey around the world to see many countries with a lot of attractions , I suggest taking your remote control and press an appropriate button . After this you move into exotic beauty . You can watch animals and the greatest monuments , let’s see ( National Geographic Channel ? ) . It will take you wherever you want to go . But if you have enough money , throw away your TV-SET , and take a plane tovisit these places .
I do not want to write it (As far as I am concerned TV is my ally) , but I have to enumerate bad points of TV . It is really necessary , even though a few people worry about it . So what do we have here ... ?
To begin with , we should mention problems caused by unsuitable programmes especially for children (also X-rated , huh , huh) . I think that parents have to supervise children’s TV watching , because when they grow up , they are incredibly susceptible to everything wich surrounds them . As a result of that , they can get into addiction (by the way , do you remember Robert Palmer’s song “ You are addicted to Love “ ? , I am sure it a good addiction) . Instead of having eyes glued to the TV screen , they should play in the open air .
In my summary I would like to add , that nowadays TV is indispensable . I foresee that by the year 2010 will have been one way nearby (Mobile Internet – WAP or some stuff form UMTS) to communicate with people , so it is awesome , isn’t it !?

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