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Treść: You have decided to enter a short story competition for a student magazine. It must begin with these words:
I had been walking through the forest for several hours, when suddenly I heard something behind me.
Write a story.
I had been walking through the forest for several hours, when suddenly I heard something behind me. I was afraid to turn back. I quickened my pace and after a moment I had an impression that ‘this something’ also started to walk more quickly. I felt that my face was in a cold sweat. Despite this I couldn’t decide to stop. Just the opposite, I started to run. I pushed through dry branches of trees, I tripped against stones. Regardless of obstacles, I didn’t want to look back. My instinct prompted me that there was something bad behind me, capable of doing harm. But the longer I was running, the more I was exhausted.
Finally, I fell on bedding and closed my eyes. Only then did I feel that everything was so indifferent for me. Someone touched my shoulder and to my great surprise it was my sister who tried to catch me up. She wanted to tell me that dinner was ready, but she couldn’t call me, because she had a sore throat. Never in my life was I so happy to see her....

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